We have seen the third millennium great …


We have seen the third millennium great changes and dramatic shifts in economic, social systems and technology and their effects include all areas of human knowledge. The main feature of the great changes and transformations in the world of the twenty first century is the accelerated rate that occurs by these changes and transformations , as well as huge advances in information and communication technology and the proliferation of global communication networks.

At  the forefront of these transformations and changes are educational , scientific theories, and innovations that come with high-tech systems and human smart brains led in a race against time.

And from this point of view, we must prepare ourselves and develop our capabilities and our capacity for innovation, creativity and equipping us to rule  the IT skill and efficiency and scientific expertise and behavioral values that make us able to adapt to new developments and challenges efficiently.

Therefore, it comes the importance of this site, which is trying to put educational theories and strategies of modern and scientific expertise which can be applied through the change that we want.